Not everyone likes this holiday and that's alright. I think of it as a day to be grateful and filled with love for the people who love and care for me as well as those I love and care for and let them know about it!

If you are someone who enjoys this holiday or have someone special you can make sure they enjoy it. Even if you don't like it but have a friend or family member that deserves to be reminded about how much you care about them this holiday, you  all need to know that WHA offers gift certificates and you can buy them online! Healthcare is a thoughful gift for anyone you care about!

You can purchase packages now too! Both gift certificates and packages of sessions can be bought here: 

Or just click the Store link above! You can choose from 1, 2, 4 or 8 sessions. The more sessions you buy the more you'll save!


When you care about someone, you want them to be their happiest and their healthiest in hopes that they'll be a happy and healthy part of Your life for a long time!

Acupuncture is a fitting gift Valentine's Day! Whether the person you care about is suffering a health issue, needs to relieve stress, wants to prevent illness or has never tried acupuncture and wants to give it a whirl, it's a fantastic gift!

Click on the Store link and set your loved one(s) or yourself up, to feel amazing, de-stressed, energized and well!


I have much love for my patients and am grateful on a daily basis for them/you! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Please feel free to share the love anytime, by writing a review/testimonial of Whole Health Acupuncture on FacebookGoogle PlusYelp or by emailingme directly! It helps others find their way to me,  and ultimately, their way to health!


Did you know one of Whole Health Acupuncture's Specializations is Men's Health? Yes, that includes men's sexual health!

Need to kick start your libido? Acupuncture and herbal supplementation are safe, natural and very effective ways to make you feel like the guy you want to be mentally and physically!

You can read more about how acupuncture helps with low libido, erectile dysfunction and prostate health here on my website and blog. There will be more blog posts detailing specific issues men face, to come!

Ladies, don't feel left out! We can improve your sexual health as well or you can nudge you man in the right direction! Hopefully, everyone can have a healthy and intimate Valentine's Day!