RELIEF! Thank you, Lisa for saving me! At about 20 weeks into my pregnancy I started experiencing some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. After lots of Dr. visits etc, I finally concluded it was my SI joint and ligaments moving. It was excruciating! I tried massage, chiropractic and physical therapy and it wasn’t until my first visit with Lisa that I really started to feel relief and now after only 3 sessions I am almost completely PAIN FREE! Lisa’s whole energy is so calming and healing. The minute I walked into her home I felt it. She is so knowledgeable and compassionate. We end each session with a big hug :-) Thank you, Lisa!
— Catherine T.
Lisa was there for me in my time of need. Two days before my daughter’s wedding I was in pain and struggling to walk. My doctor said I was having muscle spasms and highly recommended acupuncture. I found Lisa online and she was quick to squeeze me in. I was a bit nervous but she was amazing and talked me through everything she was going to do. The day of the wedding I felt great. Not only was I able to walk, I was able to dance the night away! Thank you so much Lisa! I appreciate you checking in on me today!
— Leslie C.
Lisa is fantastic! I went to Lisa for acupuncture on my back. Within three sessions, I found relief. Lisa is very knowledgeable and very positive. I also feel a level of energy that permeates the whole session.
— Paul K.
I recommend Whole Heath Acupuncture 100%! Lisa is friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth. I always feel renewed/reset after a session with her. She knows her stuff and has helped me with pain, blood pressure, menopause and overall wellness. She uses a variety of treatments such as cupping, acupuncture, herbology, reiki etc... She is awesome.
— Julie N.
Lisa is a very knowledgeable and kind person. I enjoy the relaxation, peace and quiet within her treatments and treatment room. She developed a treatment plan specifically for my needs and I’ve been enjoying the results. I’m so thankful for all we have accomplished so far. Can’t wait for my next treatment. Thank you Lisa!
— L.G.
Lisa is incredible! She is patient, compassionate, and quite clearly an expert in her craft. Because she is so knowledgeable, she is able to determine the most appropriate treatment plan and ensure you heal properly. She goes above and beyond for her patients in every session and she has created a very comforting environment for attaining complete relaxation. In just a few sessions, my chronic back pain has improved exponentially. I always look forward to treatment with her!
— Aleks M.
WHA is great! Lisa has a degree in Chinese medicine and knows every bit of the body, inside and out. In 4 or 5 sessions, she got rid of a pain in my leg that my doctors and their opiates hadn’t made a dent in, in a month of treatment. And it didn’t come back. She works on more than pain, but that’s my experience. She can feel where the pain actually starts (which ligaments are connected to which bones, etc.) and treats you based on the information she’s found. No “one size fits all.” She really knows what she’s doing, and she’s such a pleasant, patient person that you trust her immediately. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Jo Ann H.
I have had a multitude of problems with my body after bone breaks and surgeries, and frustrated with a slow recovery, I looked to Acupuncture for relief. Lisa did an amazing job getting me back on my feet and helping me recover! I have been seeing her for about 4 months now and am very happy with my success. Highly recommended!
— Adam D.
Dr. Lisa Lapwing is a “Difference Maker” literally she has changed my life. I showed up with a litany of issues ranging from muscle-skeletal to men’s health problems. The good doctor addressed every issue one by one. She’s attentive, and clinically she knows her sh** (stuff), she’s an Oriental Medicine, and Chinese Herbology Bad Ass.

After a couple of treatments you will start to notice your body firing on all eight cylinders, and healing like it used to. I always feel safe, welcome. The treatment is room is comfortable, clean, and most inviting.

In closing I will say there is no treatment modality, or version of western medicine (anywhere) that comes close to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I have worked in and around traditional western health care most of my adult life and have to say, Dr. Lapwing and acupuncture definitely “Makes a Difference” in my life!

Thank You DOC!
— Scott S.
Lisa has been my main practitioner since 2009. I always feel amazing after a session with her! I’ve seen her for occasional anxiety and depression, body pain and headaches. She recently treated me for insomnia. I slept through the night for the first time in weeks afterward! She knows her stuff! You really can’t find a better healthcare provider! I totally recommend her as your go-to provider!
— C. C.
Lisa is awesome, very knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth. I always feel renewed/reset after her treatments. I 100% recommend her for a variety of treatments that she has in fact treated me for such as pain, hypertension, stress, migraines, hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.
— Julie N.
My whole family sees Lisa for different issues (blood pressure, migraines, digestive problems etc) and we adore her! She truly listens and develops a unique treatment plan for all her patients. If you are nervous about getting acupuncture, she is definitely the acupuncturist you need to see: Lisa is a warm, wonderful person and does a great job of explaining your treatment before, during, and after.
— Zelda B.
Dr. Lisa is amazing! She is so professional and clearly knowledgeable about her practice. Additionally, she is compassionate and caring. My health has vastly improved since starting to see her. As a registered nurse, I am often skeptical of other health professionals and love it when I am impressed!
— Michelle M.
I’ve gotten acupuncture done by Dr. Lisa only twice and my back is exceptionally better! Although, needles in my body is oddly relaxing, the cupping is my favorite! There’s an instant relief that’s very satisfying. Overall, Dr. Lisa has a beautiful personality and she makes the treatment experience lighthearted and easy going.
— Jasmine D.
I have received cupping, acupuncture, massage and Reiki, enhanced with aromatherapy from Dr. Lisa.
Whether it was a roller derby injury, sinus infection, allergies or depression symptoms, I always feel relaxed and open during Dr. Lisa’s treatments and leave feeling the healing taking place, energy moving, clearing happening, emotional blocks giving way and a sense of peace, allowing the treatment to integrate and trust in my body to do what it is designed to do. I always feel supported, understood and cared for by Dr. Lisa. She is knowledgeable, talented, and a skilled intuitive healer. I feel so blessed to have found her. Thank you Dr. Lisa.
— Danee B.
From the very first time I talked to Lisa I knew I was going to have a life changing experience! I have had several injuries and multiple surgeries and my days with pain were never ending. I can not take pain killers as I’m diabetic and it is hard enough on my liver and kidneys. I needed to find an alternate plan.
Lisa was recommended to me by another professional who speaks highly of her. I did my research, read her reviews and decided to get in touch with her. I wrote Lisa an email and told her about my different conditions that I needed help with and she explained to me what she could do for me. I began treatment with her after that.
So far it has been great! The pain in most of my areas of pain is diminishing progressively. My neuropathy was really killing me and now it is much more easier for me to walk, enjoy life and even sleep! Her vast knowledge has been reflected in the improvement on my body. My daily activities are much easier to carry on with and her caring ways are what really keep me coming back to her. Can’t thank you enough Lisa! I highly recommend her!
— Victor C.
Lisa has literally changed my life. I used to have crazy digestive issues and I came here hoping for an end to doctor visits and crazy procedures...i have been one year and a half free of these digestive episodes that caused me to vomit for God knows what reason. She’s so attentive and clinically well versed and she will do everything in her power to encourage your body to heal itself!

I’m in the healthcare field and grew up in it and I’m telling you right now, acupuncture has saved my life. THANK YOU, LISA
— Sylvia A. via Yelp
Lisa is amazing and a natural born healer. I originally began seeing her for pain in my shoulder, as well as for carpal tunnel and anxiety. I’m happy to say that I have much more mobility in my shoulder than I did before, and the strain in my wrists caused by my carpal tunnel is completely alleviated after each visit. I see her as frequently as possible and always leave happy and relaxed. Thanks, Lisa!
— Blake M. via Facebook
Dr. Lisa Lapwing is awesome, she educates me on what she does and I’m always learning something from her as a client. I can tell she applies all of her knowledge on the issue(s) at hand and that’s something I truly appreciate!
— Heather P. via Yelp
Simply put, Lisa Lapwing is a gifted healer. She has developed this gift through her work as a personal trainer and acupuncturist. I began training with her in 2007 to address specific chronic health concerns. She was instrumental in introducing me to new ways of exercise that would strengthen the muscles around my weak joints. Over time, she also encouraged me to embrace a healthier diet and acupuncture for my joints and for stress relief. The results can be seen in my continuing physical strength and general health, not to mention my cheery disposition! I am consistently impressed by Lisa’s knowledge of Western medicine and her ability to combine this knowledge with her expertise in Eastern medicine. Her treatments are well coordinated with the treatment I receive from MDs. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Lauren A.
I came to be treated by Lisa, a Medical Doctor whom specializes in palliative care, for erectile dysfunction initially. I had my reservations about whether acupuncture would actually work since I was coming from a Biomedical background. Right away, Lisa made me feel at ease and exhibited extensive knowledge and understanding about my condition. She knew exactly what she was talking about and could explain to me how acupuncture was going to work for my condition so that, as a Doctor, I could understand and relate. After about six treatments or so I began to experience significant results. I was so impressed and satisfied with the results for my erectile dysfunction, I asked Lisa if we could work on my asthma and allergies. After only one treatment I felt improvement that medications had never given me. I was and am convinced that acupuncture and Lisa’s craft of it, works 100%! I now refer friends and patients of mine to her. I came from a skeptical frame of mind and Lisa has proven to me the importance of acupuncture and Oriental medical care.
— Dr. Jim K.
I started getting treatments from Lisa when she was a student at AOMA. She has since helped me with a variety of issues ranging from anxiety to insomnia and some in between. I always feel so much better after getting a treatment, which consists of acupuncture and cupping or tuina as needed.

Lisa is very attentive to her clients and has an amazing ability to intuit her their treatment needs. A perfect example of this happened earlier this year when I was going through a really stressful time. I had read my horoscope that suggested that I should imagine an acupuncturist inserting a needle in the “spirit gate” point to allow the spirit to come and go as it needs. I had told Lisa about the horoscope at my next appointment. She explained to me what it was and what the benefits were. Ironically, at my previous appointment with her, she had placed ear seeds on me on that same exact point because she just felt like I needed them. I was absolutely floored! It was like she has a sixth sense!

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and gives great suggestions on how to manage my symptoms in between treatments. I am practically symptom-free now and just go in for maintenance. Lisa genuinely cares about her clients’ health and well-being which is evident from the first time you meet her. She is a truly gifted healer and I recommend her wholeheartedly. I feel so fortunate to have found her and you will too.
— Monica L.
Lisa fixed me! I came to her for my difficulties with Peyronie’s Disease and I got relief I never thought possible. After seeing her only 3 times, she used the magic of electrical stimulation and acupuncture and I felt better right away! I didn’t have anywhere near the amount of pain that I’d been having for years. My sexual function improved too. Finding Lisa was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!
— Russel G.
Lisa Lapwing is a Master Acupuncturist and body work therapist. Her treatment has greatly alleviated pressure and chronic pain I regularly experience on the left side of my body from a dislocated shoulder and rib. Her focused and delicate treatments put me at ease despite my fear of needles and uncertainty about acupuncture in general. She is able to talk me through the process and allow me to receive the healing benefits of this age-old practice. After only two treatments with Lisa, my protruding rib has receded by at least a half an inch, the bloating and discomfort I experienced due to displacement of ribs and pull from my shoulder has subsided, and I am standing taller, breathing deeper, and sleeping more comfortably. I have had other acupuncturists, chiropractors and cranial sacral therapists in the past, but Lisa has a certain gift for individualizing her treatments and making the healing aspects stick. I will return to her for treatment whenever I am in the Austin area. She is an absolute master, and I recommend her with high regard.
— Jessica F.
Lisa has been working with me now for many years— as both a trainer and a holistic health advisor. I place enormous trust in her and depend on her not just for the acupuncture treatments and workouts but for her instinctive empathy and insight into how the physical and spiritual and emotional work in harmony (or rather, how they are often fighting one another and need to be brought into harmony). My position is high stress and one in which I have to engage with people repeatedly throughout the day— I treasure the moments when I can just hand myself, body and soul, over to Lisa! She is an amazing practitioner and friend!
— Sue H.
Lisa is an incredible individual - upbeat and compassionate. I was a patient of hers during her last year of clinical studies with the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. Her understanding of acupuncture “meridians” and insertion points were effective. Lisa does wonderful massage therapy, although during her training at the AOMA her focus was primarily acupuncture.
— Paul B.
Lisa comes to you with a solid and experienced recommendation from me.
I know Lisa as an excellent personal trainer. Now I must add her stellar AOMA training, studies, internships, graduation and now a blooming practice. She worked on me yesterday for the first time with acupuncture then body work. Her skills are A++ and her knowledge and talent to heal are beyond anything I have experienced. I was in a lot of pain from a fall in August and have tried everything. She relaxed me and explained what she was going to do. She is one of the few people out there who really knows how to manipulate the body to promote healing and heal itself. Since my first session with her yesterday, I have a substantial reduction in pain and can walk up a few stairs again, a huge relief! I will continue sessions with Lisa knowing I will be back to my 100% active self in no time! I have the honor of knowing Lisa from frequent travel between Chicago, IL and Austin, TX, which is a blessing.
— Mary B. via Yelp