I'd like to inform everyone today, of the importance of testimonials to a business. 

  • What is a testimonial? 

They are written or recorded statements that support a business or a person's credibility and level of expertise. They help strengthen reputation by expressing the trust that other people have in a individual and their business offerings.

  • Why are testimonials so important?

The success of businesses, large or small, depend heavily on word of mouth! Testimonials are formal forms of support for a business or individual. They are extremely powerful when it comes to strengthening a brand or credibility! They are a wonderfully useful tool to attract a deeper interest from prospective patients and current patients. Testimonials will ultimately make an individual and their business much more successful. This a is proven fact!

  • How do you go about writing a good one?

The best testimonials are short and concise yet specific. People want to read a brief yet detailed paragraph. They want to see more specifics than just "she made me feel so much better!". They want to know what the problem was and how it is better. "I came in to Dr. Lisa for low back pain that left me stiff all day and up at night in pain. In just a few treatments, my stiffness and pain went away and I'm sleeping peacefully at night!" People want to read testimonials such as this as well all crave more information to make a smarter decision. There are numerous templates and suggestions online to help you write a good one. 

  • Why am I sharing this with everyone?

To ask those of you who have not yet provided me a testimonial, to please take a few moments of your time to write one! You can email it to me directly: lisa@whole-healthacupuncture.com Or, with social media these days, it's even easier! You can leave a review/testimonials for me on google, yelp, facebook or whatever other forums you use. Find the links (the logos) to my active sites in the footer of this email!

FYI, if you want to send me a testimonial but are not comfortable attaching your name to it, not to worry! I generally use a first name and last initial below the testimonial but I'd be happy to just use only initials! You privacy is my priority!

Read some of the testimonials I currently have on my site to get your
motivation and creativity to write one flowing! Just click the word "testimonials" in the upper right hand corner!

It would mean very much to me if you could take the time to do this! And just think, your testimonial may lead someone in need of care to my door! Good Karma points there!

I'm extremely passionate about the care I give! I want to spread my ability to heal to as many people as I can! I DO need all my patients, current, past and future, to help me make that happen! For those of you that already have written one for me, thank you again! It is very appreciated!

The future of the health of us all, is in all of our hands! Let's reach that out to as many people as we can!