What does the year of the Earth Dog in the Chinese Zodiac, bring us in 2018?

Such as dogs, people born under this sign tend to be friendly, loyal, kind, easy-going, honest and helpful to others. On the flip side, they can be cold, critical, stubborn, fall easily into pessimism and may have trouble communicating. When we think of the Earth's qualities, we think of rock, grounding, gravity, home and nourishment. Individual's under the Earth Dog sign also carry these qualities.

It is said that for those under the dog sign this year will place importance on family relationships, Earth Dogs should make positive life changes such as finally getting to the gym (or your acupuncturist...), quitting bad habits or starting that business they've always dreamed of! 

Unfortunately, when your year of the Chinese Zodiac comes around, it is said to be an unlucky year. Therefore, dogs should do their best to stay true to their most positive qualities and stay calm as well!

I believe we have the power to make of our lives what we want them to be! What are you Earth Dogs going to do this year to turn what could be a stressful year into a fruitful, positive one!?


A small note about knee pain....

Often times, knee pain is due to a tight IT (iliotibial) Band. When that large tendon is tight, it will pull the knee cap laterally (the the outside) of the body causing pain, pressure and weakness to the kneecap or the delicate meniscus (cartilage) underneath.

A healthy does of acupuncture, electric stimulation and cupping along with stretching and exercise will fix it right up!

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