Wow! The winter weather sure hit central Texas early this year! I hope everyone is keeping themselves and their pets warm!

The holiday season is a as stressful of a time of year, as it is lovely. Unfortunately, due to the stress we feel, we tend to fall out of sync with our regular routines that keeps us fit, healthy and grounded. We tend to let go of our workout routines, acupuncture appointments, massages and drop our healthy eating and  sleeping habits in place of running around shopping last minute, scrambling to finish up for the year at work and over-eating and drinking at all of those fabulous holiday parties! I'm not pointing fingers or judging because we ALL do this and we all KNOW that it's the worst thing to do to ourselves!

This time of the year is truly the time to keep those healthy lifestyle routines so that you can head into the new year feeling your best and ready to tackle those resolutions for 2019 head on! I'm mean, who isn't't ready to send 2018 off with a swift kick in the you know what!?

Now, this isn't't the time to try to start new lifestyle habits. Taking that on will add to the stress that naturally occurs around the holidays. We're trying to keep up the good habits we already have and continue making the good choices we already make. 

Try your best to keep hitting the gym, schedule those therapeutic appointments (and then actually go), get in that meditation for just 5 minutes before bed even though you are exhausted because there are going to be stresses you can't change so control what you can, YOU! Even if you have to shorten the time spent on the treadmill or force yourself to eat smaller portions at all those parties where the food is so divine your having a hard time not getting seconds... it'll be worth it when your eyes pop open on the morning of 1/1/2019 and your smiling at how well you've done for yourself!

In doing this, the biggest gift you will get this year is the satisfaction that you took control of your choices during one of the most difficult times in the year and you came out as good as when you went in, if not better! Use me, your friendly acupuncturist, your friends and family or even your online circle to help support you through the season if self motivation is a challenge for you. Hint, it is for most people!

So don your favorite ugly holiday sweater, put on your boots and hat, grab that green smoothie (we're staying healthy here remember...) and head into this season as the strongest version of you so far this year!


With all the above being said, what better gift to give
than that of health!

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It's the perfect stocking stuffer!


Finally, THANK YOU ALL!!

You are my livelihood! The support I get from my patients means so much to me! Truly! I am ever grateful! Have very happy holidays everyone!