Do you know what they are? You may be surprised by or you may be suffering from the following:

Cardiovascular Disease
     Cardiovascular or heart disease has been come too common in today's society of fast food & sedentary life-styles. More & more we're seeing men & women with high blood pressure, clogged arteries, high stress, obesity & heart attacks. You can manage or rid yourself of these problems by following a healthy diet & exercise program, quitting smoking & managing stress naturally with exercise, meditation, acupuncture &/or massage, etc. Acupuncture is helpful in lower blood pressure because as needles enter the body it releases opioids into the body which will decrease heart activity & lower it's need for oxygen. This release of opioids also helps in managing the affect of stress on the heart & mind. 

Depression & Mental Health Issues
     Over 6 million American men have depression. That number may be larger as men tend to hide their depression which causes it to fester, further the issue. In comparison to women, men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide. This is very concerning. Did you know depression can manifest not just as sadness or feeling down but in anger, burnout, aggression or risk-taking behavior that can lead to substance or alcohol abuse or injury? As state above acupuncture releases opioids, your "feel good" chemicals. It also balances serotonin & dopamine, which are other contributing factors to depression when their out of whack. 

Prostate Health
     Up to 90% of men in their 70s & 80s are affected by enlarged prostates. If left untreated it can lead to such nasty issues as frequent urination, painful or difficult urination, UTI's, kidney &/or bladder stones or damage, incontinence, erectile dysfunction or cancer. Studies have show acupuncture to have a significantly beneficial effect on the above conditions. Reduces if not eliminating the symptoms above thus improving the comfort & quality of life. As I specialize in men's health, I often get asked if needles are placed in the penis or testicles during treatment. A valid question. The answer is No. Absolutely, not. These are highly delicate & vascular organs therefore, it would be dangerous & possibly damaging to place needles in them. 

Reproductive Health
     Guys, this can affect you at any stage in life. The most commonly seen problems are infertility, impotence, hernias, prostatitis & testicular pain or torsion. Have you heard of andropause? That is male menopause. It is real. It does happen. It's the time in your life where your hormones do decrease. That can have a profound affect on your health. Possibly causing some of the above symptoms. Acupuncture helps to prevent, reduce &/or eliminate these symptoms safely & effectively.

Lung Cancer
     Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in men. Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating smoking & other substance abuse. It can reduce cravings, anxiety/jitters, irritability & other reported symptoms of quitting smoking or other substances. It will relax the mind & help to detoxify your whole body. The most common type of acupuncture used is auricular (ear) acupuncture or what is called acu-detox. Research shows that acupuncture for the above issues works astoundingly well!! If you already unfortunately have a diagnosis of cancer, there's still a lot acupuncture can provide in the palative care realm. It can reduce nausea, anxiety/depression, increase appetite, increase energy & boost immunity 

There ARE options out there guys!! Take control of your health the safe & effective way!! Acupuncture not only helps to treat the above concerns but also to help prevent them. You can & should feel your best!!