Have you heard of serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine & epinephrine? Do you know what these chemicals are?
Their neurotransmitters. They are natural chemicals that regulate many physical & emotional processes. Mental performance, emotional states, energy & pain response are a few of the functions neurotransmitters regulate. & guess what? They can fall out of balance.
Symptoms that this may have happened can include:
- mood problems (depression/anxiety), fatigue, sleep disorders, poor mental focus, low energy & stamina, addiction/dependency, low libido, sexual dysfunction, low pain tolerance & insulin resistance to name a few.
How do you fix this? ACUPUNCTURE!! Acupuncture resets the part of your brain that controls the feedback loops that regulate neurotransmitters. Help is NOT out of reach. To talk more about what we can do to get you feel great, please call, text or email me.