Are you still suffering from cedar, molds or dust? Do you have other allergies that affect you all year round? Aside from coming in for regular acupuncture treatment & taking your herbs consistently, there are more things you can do at home in between treatments to help alleviate your symptoms:

- rinse your nose with a neti pot
- omega 3's in your diet can reduce sinus inflammation
- when allergy season is at it's peak, keep your windows closed
- wear a dust mask when doing house or yard work
- don't hand clothes out to dry, they'll collect dust & pollen's
- use allergy protectors on your mattress & pillows
- wipe your hair & your pets hair with a towel when coming in from outside
- change your household air filters regularly
- & (this is the hardest for me, I don't do it) don't let your pets sleep in your bed or bedroom frown emotico