Research is bringing to light more & more every day the connection between the state of your gut health & your physical & mental health.

Your gut contains 5 lbs of microbes called microbiota which produce hundreds of essential chemicals, they are critical in fighting disease, & they have a major affect on the way your metabolism, nervous system (including conditions like depression, anxiety & autism) & heart works. 90% of the genes in your body are not human genes but microbes in your gut!!

Your microbiota can predict such health conditions as obesity, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, if your prone to heart disease, autoimmune diseases & even more!! Your gut IS intrinsically involved with you brain function. This means, if your not healthy in the head or in the tummy, you will develop disease. One will be worsening the other.  

Good gut health begins in the mouth & carries through the whole enteric system (stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, rectum, etc.). You can further encourage good gut bacteria by taking a good probiotic (something we can discuss together) & eating a good diet. 

Drink lots of water & eat plenty of veggies, fruits & lean meats. Fermented foods give you an extra boost!! Sauerkraut, kimchi & kombucha are common ones. Avoid such things as fast food, processed foods, sugary or starchy foods. 

Mental health in another big component of total well-being. Exercise, a good diet, water, meditation/relaxation, sleep & reduced stress are key.

Don't forget, I have needles to help with your head & your tummy as well as an arsenal of herbal & whole food supplements that can keep you feeling great!!