Did you know this?

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can literally poison your liver, especially if taken with 3 alcoholic drinks. If more than the recommended dosage is taken it can cause liver failure. That means your going to need a transplant or it can mean possible death!! Liver failure due to overdose of acetaminophen is actually common!!

The FDA knows all this & has warned docs & yet acetaminophen is still considered safe & prescribed often!!

It can be safe to take but you must stick within the recommended dosage on the bottle or recommended by your knowledgeable physician. & please DO NOT drink if your taking it!!

So what do you do if your in pain or have a fever? Call me!! Acupuncture & herbs are a wonderfully effective means of managing or eliminating pain & reducing fever. If the fever is high, again the recommended dosage is ok but after that has been taken, lets go the natural route to ensure your best health & most importantly your safety!!