A specialty of mine is Erectile Dysfunction, caused by various issues or that has occurred as a result of Radical Prostatectomy. Many guys won't talk about ED or look for help. But there IS help!!

Men have two bundles of nerves that are essential for an erection. They run on each side of the prostate. They can be damaged by surgery or radiation for prostate cancer. & everyone sustains nerve loss as they age. Acupuncture can help keep these nerves firing properly therefore the penis responding normally to nerve stimulation. & it may also help in the deterioration of nerves as one ages. This equals healthy erections once again!!

ED can also be caused by damage or weakening of the blood vessels & muscles in & around the penis. For a healthy erection to be maintained, blood flows into the penis, veins stretch & shut to keep blood into the penis, allowing for a full erection. If the penis isn't getting full blood flow & shutting off of the veins, blood leaks back out & a full erection isn't achieved. As men age vessels & muscle tissue in the penis weaken. Weak muscles can also attribute to ED. Acupuncture can help with these two issues as well. Add some easy exercises to the treatment mix, & you will see results!!

Don't be embarrassed & ignore this important issue!! Take the natural, healthy approach rather than taking drugs that can cause nasty side-effects. Call, email or text me today!!