Cancer has become a major & more prevalent problem in the last decade or so. It used to be a death sentence but now I tell people you better stay prepared for the rest if your life!!

Cancer treatment is advancing significantly everyday!! Chances are your going to live!! The unfortunate part or the hard part to live with, are the side-effects of treatment. But there is relief out there.

Acupuncture & herbs can significantly reduce or eliminate the side-effects of cancer treatment. Things such as nausea, fatigue, cracked/dry skin, mouth ulcers, etc. It's natural & safe & carries no side-effects of its own.

In Sweden, a 2008 study that involved 215 cancer patients proved that acupuncture can eliminate the need for additional drugs & reduce nausea suffered during radiation treatments.

While this is a small number the reality is there's a large number of cancer patients experiencing these benefits, their just not documented. You Can get through cancer feeling better than you think with some extra alternative care!!