Are you or is anyone you know experiencing any of these following symptoms or conditions:

Confusion, dementia, falls, psychosis, insomnia, joint deterioration, heart attack, stroke, colitis, indigestion, headaches, uncontrolled bleeding, dizziness, fainting, vertigo, cardiac arrhythmias, heart failure, muscle weakness, sarcopenia, skin conditions, breathing difficulties, kidney failure, wheezing, coughing, chronic pain, vision problems or even sudden death?

What's scary about these symptoms is that your prescription drugs could be causing these problems! These conditions are ALL possible side-effects of commonly prescribed drugs. You may even have these drugs in your medicine cabinet right now!

What infuriates me about these side-effects that aren't just side-effects but actual conditions, is in the Western world of medicine they'll be treated with other drugs that have more side-effects multiplying your problems 10 fold!! Literally, 10 fold. All too often prescribing drugs drugs & more drugs is Western medicines only available treatment. l see a problem with this!! Do you?

What's the solution? Get off your offending drugs. Slow, careful, observant withdrawal under the care of your physicians is a safe & effective way to start stepping to the most healthy, drug free you!! Drugs & surgery should always be last resort treatments. They do have their place in healthcare. Just know that most prescription drugs to do not work for most people most of the time. There are many studies to support this.

It is possible to take care of your health naturally & safely which means feeling your best. Maybe better than you've ever thought you could feel!! Seek out different solutions. Obviously, we promote acupuncture here as it's a safe & effective way to treat so many various conditions. Diet, exercise, meditation, massage, etc. are all other safe & effective ways to tackle most any healthcare concern!! Keep yourself & your practitioners informed & you will feel the best you ever could have imagined!!