I was recently reading an article about the differences between mammography & thermography testing for breast cancer detection. What I got out of the article & what I get out of most articles, is that a more well rounded approach is always the best. Both of these exam methods have their advantages & disadvantages (I won't go into them here) but used in conjunction, offer a more comprehensive look at breast health.

Mammography  is done by compressing the breast, taking an x-ray & reviewing what is in the breast tissue. Thermography looks at heat levels in the vasculature of the breast. Areas of heightened temperature indicates inflammation which could be an early sign of of cancer or other breast abnormalities.

To me, one of the most important things you can do before even heading to your yearly well woman check, is being sure to do your self checks. With the world now at our finger tips, you can find umpteen videos, graphics or other descriptions of how to perform a self breast exam online. You can ask any one of your physicians, including myself, how to do it. Then do it every month!!

Breast cancer is what we all worry about but there are other issues that can affect breasts that are also problematic & need medical attention. So gals & guys, pay attention!! Self exams Do save lives!!!!