I'll tell you that acupuncture works to treat everything. But it's hard to grasp what everything is? Below I've listed a few things acupuncture can treat. If you have questions your always welcome to contact me!!
Chronic Pain          Menstrual Issues          Erectile Dysfunction
Lower Back            Arthritis                         Kidney, Liver or Bladder
  Pain & Sciatic       Low T, BPH                       Issues
PMS                        Carpal Tunnel                Neuropathy
Headaches &          Diabetes                         Asthma
Migraines               MS                                  Allergies
TMJ                        Tennis/Golfer's            Sinusitis
Fibromyalgia            Elbow                          Rheumatoid Arthritis
Anxiety & Stress   
Tremors                        Depression

   Mgmt                   Lupus                            Chronic Fatigue
IBS                          Insomnia                       Cardiovascular Issues
Addictions              Menopause                   Ulcers
ADHD                     Thyroid Conditions      Shingles
Urinary Problems Hypertension               Facial Palsy
Adrenal Fatigue    Fertility Issues             Hormone Imbalances
Peyronie's              Leaky Gut Syndrome
You don't have to manage your illness, you CAN improve it!! Contact me today to feel your best even though your "suffering" from one of the above conditions or from something that didn't make it onto this list.