I'm sure you've been hearing lately about food sensitivities, intolerance & food allergies. What's the difference?

A food allergy will have a physical symptom occur that's caused by your immune system's reaction to a particular food, chemical in the food or the foods coloring. Symptom's usually appear right away or within an hour of consuming the food.

A food sensitivity is a delayed or hidden allergy if you will. It's also an immune reaction to food, chemicals in food or coloring but symptoms can show up anywhere from a day to 3 days after ingestion. The symptoms could be internal & you won't know your bodies reacting negatively.

Food intolerances have to do with your gut. Which is 80% of your immune system. Food may be tolerable until it is over-consumed or the gut function is compromised by infections, antibiotics, high cortisone levels, flora imbalances or changes in hormones.

The main causes of these issues are genetics (can't change those), overexposure, poor digestion (in all it's forms), suppressed immunity, toxicity, ingestion of genetically modified foods & gut flora imbalances.

These food issues can alter you mood, cause weight gain, brain fog, inflammation, digestive issues & more. It's can be hard to tell which foods, if any, are causing you to have symptoms. But there are different approaches you can take. If your concerned about food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances, call me. I'll get you the care you need to feel your best!!