I focus a lot on men's sexual health/dysfunction but women's is just as important as men's!!

Some key things to know about women's sexual dysfunction are:
Women's sexual dysfunctions correlate most strongly with poor mental health and with negative feelings for the partner, rather than with any serum hormone (or hormone metabolite) levels/imbalances

Normal changes that occur with age and relationship duration must not be mistaken for desire/interest disorder. Desire disorder is diagnosed when there is a lack of anticipatory sexual desire, and desire (along with pleasure, arousal, and excitement) cannot be triggered during sexual activity and results in distress

The most common syndrome is lack of initial desire, little subjective arousal (mental sexual excitement) such that desire is not triggered during any portion of the sexual engagement, and infrequent or no orgasm

Acupuncture & herbs are a wonderful & safe way to treat women's & men's sexual dysfunction. Be the problem mental or true hormone imbalances, you can get this component of your health back!!