Simply put, Lisa Lapwing is a gifted healer. She has developed this gift through her work as a personal trainer and acupuncturist. I began training with her in 2007 to address specific chronic health concerns. She was instrumental in introducing me to new ways of exercise that would strengthen the muscles around my weak joints. Over time, she also encouraged me to embrace a healthier diet and acupuncture for my joints and for stress relief. The results can be seen in my continuing physical strength and general health, not to mention my cheery disposition! I am consistently impressed by Lisa's knowledge of Western medicine and her ability to combine this knowledge with her expertise in Eastern medicine. Her treatments are well coordinated with the treatment I receive from MDs. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

I came to be treated by Lisa, a Medical Doctor whom specializes in palliative care, for erectile dysfunction initially. I had my reservations about whether acupuncture would actually work since I was coming from a Biomedical background. Right away, Lisa made me feel at ease and exhibited extensive knowledge and understanding about my condition. She knew exactly what she was talking about and could explain to me how acupuncture was going to work for my condition so that, as a Doctor, I could understand and relate. After about six treatments or so I began to experience significant results. I was so impressed and satisfied with the results for my erectile dysfunction, I asked Lisa if we could work on my asthma and allergies. After only one treatment I felt improvement that medications had never given me. I was and am convinced that acupuncture and Lisa’s craft of it, works 100%! I now refer friends and patients of mine to her. I came from a skeptical frame of mind and Lisa has proven to me the importance of acupuncture and Oriental medical care.
                                                                                       --Dr. Jim K.

I started getting treatments from Lisa when she was a student at AOMA. She has since helped me with a variety of issues ranging from anxiety to insomnia and some in between. I always feel so much better after getting a treatment, which consists of acupuncture and cupping or tuina as needed.
Lisa is very attentive to her clients and has an amazing ability to intuit her their treatment needs. A perfect example of this happened earlier this year when I was going through a really stressful time. I had read my horoscope that suggested that I should imagine an acupuncturist inserting a needle in the “spirit gate” point to allow the spirit to come and go as it needs. I had told Lisa about the horoscope at my next appointment. She explained to me what it was and what the benefits were. Ironically, at my previous appointment with her, she had placed ear seeds on me on that same exact point because she just felt like I needed them. I was absolutely floored! It was like she has a sixth sense!
Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and gives great suggestions on how to manage my symptoms in between treatments. I am practically symptom-free now and just go in for maintenance. Lisa genuinely cares about her clients’ health and well-being which is evident from the first time you meet her. She is a truly gifted healer and I recommend her wholeheartedly. I feel so fortunate to have found her and you will too.
--Monica L.

Lisa Lapwing is a Master Acupuncturist and body work therapist. Her treatment has greatly alleviated pressure and chronic pain I regularly experience on the left side of my body from a dislocated shoulder and rib. Her focused and delicate treatments put me at ease despite my fear of needles and uncertainty about acupuncture in general. She is able to talk me through the process and allow me to receive the healing benefits of this age-old practice. After only two treatments with Lisa, my protruding rib has receded by at least a half an inch, the bloating and discomfort I experienced due to displacement of ribs and pull from my shoulder has subsided, and I am standing taller, breathing deeper, and sleeping more comfortably. I have had other acupuncturists, chiropractors and cranial sacral therapists in the past, but Lisa has a certain gift for individualizing her treatments and making the healing aspects stick. I will return to her for treatment whenever I am in the Austin area. She is an absolute master, and I recommend her with high regard.
--Jessica F.