I know my answer, not to sneeze. Well here in Austin, allergy season is in full force!! Ragweed, Molds, Grasses & different tress have declared war!!

So if your not wanting to jump right to harsh antihistamines or antibiotics, try some homeopathic & Chinese herbs to soothe your scratchy throat, watery eyes & runny or stuffy nose. Unless you really are very sick or running a fever, then please see your acupuncturist or physician.

At your local natural health food & vitamin store, I suggest picking up a product called Umcka Cold + Flu to take the minute your symptoms begin. You can take 1-3 a day until symptoms cease. Also add Elderberry extract daily to help boost your immune system when the seasons/weather is set to change to give yourself a head start. &/or Echinacea tea daily. Stay on both until the weather stabilizes.

At your local Chinese herb store, or if a local acupuncturist may carry the products, ask for Yin Qiao San the minute you begin to feel the symptoms of allergy or cold, follow the directions on the label & do not stay on it longer than a week. Also, to give yourself a head start you can take Yu Ping Feng San or Gan Mao Ling, to try to catch that illness before it goes deeper into your system. The Yu Ping Feng San is safe to be on continuously & the Gan Mao Ling should not be taken longer than a week.

All of the above, western & Chinese alike are safe & effective & will not interact with any other of your medications. Its best to take them separate (an hour to 2 hours before or after) any other medications your taking. & please, if your doctor has put you on a medication for these symptoms, do not go off of it with out speaking with them first. & it is still a good idea to check with them or your herbalist before adding any herbs or supplements to your daily regime.

You can also try to keep allergies at bay in your home by having protective covers on your mattress & pillows. Wiping pets down when they come in from outside to get the pollens off their hair. & change your air filters often!!

As for you diet, as always, plenty of water, avoid dairy as it builds up mucus, & lots of veggies & fruit to keep getting your vitamins!!

Finally, if your body & mind are telling you to sleep & rest, do it. You will be better for it!!

Good luck this autumn allergy season. & if you have any questions please let me know I'll answer what I can for you & am always up for treating you!!