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Dr. Lisa Lapwing (FL), L.Ac. (TX) is a practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology in Austin, Texas.

Why Acupuncture?

Do you have pain? Are you ill or just not in your best health and having a hard time reaching your optimal health? Has the Western medicine model disappointed, condescended, mistreated or misunderstood you? Are you curious about Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine but are put-off or freaked out by it? Would you like to take control and be active in your healthcare, prevent illness, prevent pain, reduces stress and increase your energy and over-all well-being?

If you answered "yes", you have finally found the right place!

If you're looking to naturally enhance your health, treat various ailments and generally take care of your body, you've found the practitioner to help you! Using acupuncture, Chinese herbology, exercise, nutritional advice, reiki and other therapeutic modalities, Dr. Lapwing can help you transform your vitality, health, mental focus, physical body and your life for the better!  She can not only assist you in looking and feeling your best but also help you to enjoy yourself along the way!

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