Patients, Friends, Family...

The words thank you are never strong enough I feel, for me, to describe my deep gratitude towards all of you who have been with me and Whole Health Acupuncture all of these years! I miss you all so very much already!

Because of you all, I was ready and able to make this transition to Orlando, Florida as a better person and practitioner! You will all forever have a special place in my heart, filled with love, appreciation and gratitude!

I now, am honored and excited to be working for Awaken Integrative Health Centers here in Orlando! It's a truly special place! I'm working alongside other wonderful Acupuncture Physician's and a fabulous Massage Therapist and Esthetician!

I am continuing to see patients under my specialty as a Men's Healthcare provider and of course, whatever else it is people need healed!

Please feel free to send anyone you know in the area who needs safe and genuine care to me at Awaken! If your in town visiting or getting your fill of theme parks and want to connect, please let me know!

Once again, thank you ALL from my whole being for being the most wonderful patients, friends and family! I look forward to continuing to learn from you all and to stay in touch as the next chapter rolls along! 

Dr. Lisa Lapwing DOM
Awaken Integrative Health Centers
2909 N. Orange Ave. Ste. 104
Orlando, FL, 32804
(407) 244-1221